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CS Construction maintains an unyielding dedication to providing exceptional quality. Our team is committed to delivering expert craftsmanship and establishing lasting partnerships with our clients.

What We Do

Commercial Construction Services

We have a long history of delivering home construction projects in New Jersey that exceed expectations while remaining within budget. Commercial services include: structural and flatwork concrete, asphalt, emergency repairs, storm and underdrain, retaining walls, decorative stone installation and residential new construction.

Structural and Flatwork Concrete Services

Our poured concrete foundations experts take pride in their work. With our combined service package of excavation and poured concrete foundations, you can rest assured that your new concrete foundation will be professionally constructed using high-quality materials and equipment for a precise, strong and durable build.

Commercial Asphalt and Concrete Repair

We Specialize in listening to what you're seeking to improve around your property. We have been installing and repairing concrete for over two decades throughout New Jersey including parking lots, sidewalks, and curbs.

Demolition and Dumpster Service

We are fully licensed professionals, family owned and operated. At our core we are a home improvements and home construction company, so we have a lot of experience in removing things often connected with other projects around your home.

Emergency Commercial Repairs

CS Construction offers local emergency services including site utility repairs, securing buildings in times of emergencies such as fire or natural disasters. Our highly-trained commercial construction contractors are ready to respond swiftly to any emergency you are experiencing.

Commercial Retaining Wall and Drainage Installation Experts

CS Construction are skilled concrete professionals that can deliver a commercial retaining wall solution that gets the results you demand. We will work with you to make sure your retaining wall is correctly installed and looks great and has proper drainage. Retaining wall drainage is the most important aspect of the wall.

Storm and Underdrain Repair and Installation

CS Construction are experts at installing storm and water systems. Without proper drainage on your commercial property, adverse effects can ensue. The lack of a proper drainage system can lead to flooding and clogs, which can destroy your property and end up costing you.

Decorative Stone Installation

Decorative stone wall veneers & brick veneers are an excellent option to enhance the curb appeal of your building or residence. There are many types of masonry veneers and real stone veneers available on the market today — however, choosing one can sometimes be a tough decision.

We are experts in new home construction project in New Jersey. We have earned a reputation as a dependable contractor by consistently completing jobs on time and on budget for our clients throughout the New Jersey. We pride ourselves on having a history of exceeding our clients’ expectations. 

CS Construction provides creative and unique solutions for the residential landscapes. We work with all budgets and styles to create spaces that complement existing structures to maximize the beauty and value of your property. Our expert hardscape design and professional installation can turn your outdoor dreams into reality whether they be structural or decorative. 

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